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Asked by Students Chugushi JHS · 3 Answers · 7 months ago
We live in Nikko and  are students of Chugushi J.H.S. close to Lake Chuzenzi in Nikko. We'd like you to answer our questions. where did you stay in Nikko?  How much was it? Di [...]

Asked by alicia Phang · 1 Answer · 7 months ago
We will arrive at 9.40 pm at Kansai airport on 14 Mar 19, and I don't know which transportation is suitable and easy to use to go to Kyoto (Omiya Station) in the middle of the night, planning to r [...]

Asked by Sharon Freitas · 1 Answer · 7 months ago
I arrive at Narita airport from Honolulu at 7pm with my luggage and am supposed to transfer to Haneda International for a 1:30am flight.   I will take an airport limo bus to get from Toky [...]

Asked by Sharon Freitas · 1 Answer · 7 months ago
We arrive at Narita Airport at 7pm and have to get to Haneda Airport for a 1:30am flight to Saigon, Vietnam. What's the best way to get to Haneda from Narita in terms of ease of travel with suitcases, [...]

Asked by Elena Zolotova · 2 Answers · 8 months ago

Exhibitions, bookstores and more. 

Asked by wayne funk · 2 Answers · 9 months ago
I will travel to japan to hokkaido, tokyo and okinawa in the months of may and early june. How much in advance should i book travel and accomodations from canada. Do you think prices for travel and ac [...]

Asked by Kim B · 1 Answer · 10 months ago
I’ll be traveling to Kyushu in October and will be renting a car while there, so I’ve got some freedom and flexibility with where I go and what I see.Does anyone have recommendations for f [...]

Asked by Joyce Lau · 1 Answer · 1 year ago

is there a bus or coach?

taxi - expensive?

how to travel from narita airport to minakami?

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