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Asked by Robert Ikeno · 2 Answers · 1 week ago
Planning to travel to Tokyo and Narita Dec. 27 to Jan. 5, 2020. It's the only time my son can go with us.  Is this time considered a high season for hotels and will stores and restaurants be open [...]

Asked by Jillene Ho · 1 Answer · 2 weeks ago
Want to visit amori, akita and iwate in Oct . Wonder if it is easier to rent a car to go to places for the autumn colours. Also can we rent from akita and return the car at iwate etc. Will be coming f [...]

Asked by Angela Bickell · 1 Answer · 2 weeks ago
Hi, we are taking a cruise around Japan and we would like to visit the ports on our own. We are visiting Aita, Aomori, Sakaiminato, Busan, Kochi and Tokushima. We would like information on how to get [...]

Asked by michael groen · 1 Answer · 3 weeks ago

Going to Ueda city over the weekend and would like to know if there are any recommended onsen in the area available! Other recommended things to do would be apprecoated as well

Asked by Kathleen Odelia · 1 Answer · 1 month ago
Hi! I plan to stay at Takayama or Kanagawa on 1st - 2nd January 2020. I plan to go to Shirakawa-go or Hida Folk Village around those dates. Can anyone tell me if there's bus in operatio [...]

Asked by Gia Bettes · 1 Answer · 1 month ago
Hello. I manage a porn star who posts videos daily to many websites. I was wondering if I would have any issues posting videos / pics to (twitter, pornhub, Instagram, ect.) All the videos would be pre [...]

Asked by Jakub Golob · 2 Answers · 3 months ago
What's the difference between 3 months school and 2 years school... Which one should I choose, or maybe 1 year school is enough. What I got in mind ? Trying to figured out how to live in Japan. c [...]

Asked by Tom Roseveare · 1 Answer · 4 months ago

This could be anything from third-wave coffee shops to traditional kissaten-style places, or the latest Starbucks location!


Asked by Đăng Trần Hải · 2 Answers · 5 months ago
I have myself been to Fuji mountain and traveled through the Aokigahara forest. My tourguide told us lots of stories about suicides of people and other ghost stories about the forest. I wonder wh [...]

Asked by Victoria Vlisides · 0 Answers · 3 years ago
A bunch of us want to watch a (pre-recorded) football game to celebrate Thanksgiving in an authentic way. We want to go to a place, hook up the HDMI cord and stream a game onto a TV. Is there a p [...]

Asked by Param Pon · 0 Answers · 3 years ago
Any suggestion for learning westurn drums inside tokyo / around chiba?  I have a electric kit at home, all the music schools charges 3000-10000 per hour class, would that be any cheaper solu [...]

Asked by Jamy Ling · 0 Answers · 1 year ago
Family of 2 adults and 2 daughters (aged 11 and 8 years) visiting for first time:My itinerary is:8 June: Narita Airport to apartment in Shinjuku-ku Takadanobaba9 June: Moomin Park10 June: Ueno Zoo or [...]