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Asked by Peter Pham · 1 Answer · 1 week ago
I have already been to Japan before once and I went to an expensive Hello Kitty store called Kiddyland. I was wondering if there is a Hello Kitty store that is cheap enough for me to bring home souven [...]

Asked by scott larson · 1 Answer · 1 week ago
Hi!I'm heading to japan early next year and I'm planning on taking lots of photos and videos. The only problem is that I don't have enough space on my memory cards to store photos and videos of a one [...]

Asked by Nareg B · 1 Answer · 2 weeks ago
Hello,I'm completely aware that the legal age in Japan is 20 and that minors are not allowed to book hotels, get SIM cards (phone lines), etc.I don't care about not drinking and all, but I think that [...]

Asked by Danny Suleiman · 1 Answer · 2 weeks ago
Hi Everyone!Usually I can plan things fine but I am having a hard time figuring out a portion of my trip in the Fuji area in May 2020  I’d really appreciate if anyone has any tips or info a [...]

Asked by Jenna Mangin · 1 Answer · 1 month ago

Hey my partner and I are wanting to get married in japan at the end of may 2020 we are thinking something small in Kyoto outdoors. How do we go about organising someone to marry us?

Asked by Ánh Trương · 1 Answer · 1 month ago

I cannot in Japan in the new year, are there any website that I can buy Fukubukuro on ?

Asked by Graham Cobain · 2 Answers · 1 month ago
Hello. Where is it possible to buy the Olympic 2020 merchandise? I live in the UK, & want to purchase pin badges, t shirts & other stuff. Seems that items are only available in Japan?? and are [...]

Asked by Anthony Masahiko Kumon · 1 Answer · 1 month ago

I am a Japanese Citizen and would be traveling in the United States, but I would like to depart in a Philippine airport, is it okay?

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