Asked by Victoria Vlisides · 1 Answer · 2 years ago

Traveling to Sapporo, Chitose areas this winter. I would like a place with an outdoor bath! What's in the area? I don't mind traveling an hour or so if it's a good place!

Asked by Isabelle Despert Okumura · 2 Answers · 2 years ago

Has anyone been to Dogo Onsen?

I read that is is aefully crowded. Does it worth a visit? Can we relax or is it too crowded?



Asked by Victoria Vlisides · 1 Answer · 3 years ago

Looking for any helpful sites! Thanks!

Asked by Deejay Cham · 1 Answer · 3 years ago

Hello I'm planning to travel to Japan this March with my friends. Are there any cheap bathhouses in Osaka and Kyoto?



Asked by Jessica A Paje · 2 Answers · 4 years ago

Preferably a public location (not having to book the experience through a hotel with private onsen).