Asked by Shiroi Tenshi · 2 Answers · 1 year ago
Hello!I'd like to get more exact information about summer Niigata Festival - does it have fixed dates or different each year. In some sources it says the festival is on the first weekend of August, in [...]

Asked by Shiroi Tenshi · 1 Answer · 1 year ago

I'm very interested in visiting Yonezawa Uesugi festival and would like to know if it's held on the same dates each year - from April 29 to May 3? Thanks in advance!


Asked by Shiroi Tenshi · 1 Answer · 1 year ago
Hello! I'd like to know more details about Onbashira Matsuri. As I've understood, the next will be in 2022. The dates of the festival are not exact yet, but the frames of the event seems to be too wid [...]

Asked by Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu · 1 Answer · 3 years ago
Hi, I am looking for a calendar of Hanabi events along Ome Line in the western part of Tokyo. If you know any website that we can check all the schedules for Hanabi for comparison purposes, please sha [...]

Asked by Bonson Lam · 1 Answer · 4 years ago

I am planning to be in Asahikawa in September.  Is there something special (experience or place) that is a bit unusual or not so well known, or something that is new?


Asked by Artem Medvedev · 4 Answers · 5 years ago

Has anyone gone to any music festivals in Japan? How was it?

Asked by Gemma Pine · 1 Answer · 6 years ago

Hello! I will probably be in either Kobe or Himeji on July 7th, I’ve just seen that this coincides with Tanabata! Any recommendations on where or how I can best appreciate this?


Asked by Mandy Bartok · 4 Answers · 6 years ago

I know that there are reserved seats near Kyoto City Hall but where else along the parade route would be the best spot to get some good photos of all the floats?