Asked by Karen Ouyang · 1 Answer · 2 years ago

I am planning to visit the Ise Grand Shrine and was wondering if there are coin lockers at the Isuzugawa Station. If not, are there coin lockers in Ise station? Thank you.

Asked by Katherine Marie Juan · 1 Answer · 2 years ago

I'm planning to visit Kyoto-Osaka on December 30, 2017 to January 4, 2018 using Seishun 18. What are the things to do and see during winter? and how cold can it get during my travel date?



Asked by Isabelle Despert Okumura · 2 Answers · 4 years ago

What are the best places to visit? Any nice place off the beaten path?  Any nice place to stay?
Any information is welcomed.

Asked by Relinda Puspita · 7 Answers · 4 years ago

Do you know what must visit temples during autumn in Japan?

Asked by Martyn Bissett · 9 Answers · 5 years ago
I'm planning a road trip around Fuji-san and just wondering where the best places to visit are. We'll drive from Tokyo and stay a night at a B&B next to Lake Motosu before returning the ca [...]