Asked by Karen Ouyang · 1 Answer · 1 year ago

I am planning to visit the Ise Grand Shrine and was wondering if there are coin lockers at the Isuzugawa Station. If not, are there coin lockers in Ise station? Thank you.

Asked by Dina Haugland · 2 Answers · 1 year ago
Hey! I’m going to japan on a 2 week trip next year, and I’m wondering if the JR pass really is worth it? I’ve done some maths, and it looks like my route will ‘’only&rsqu [...]

Asked by YX Koh · 1 Answer · 3 years ago
I will be travelling to Japan in July for the Fuji Rock festival and the Setouchi Triennale. Could anyone please advise on the best way to get from Naeba Ski Resort (where the Fuji Rock festival is he [...]

Asked by Victoria Vlisides · 2 Answers · 3 years ago

Where did you go? How was the price compared to training it?

Asked by Jennifer Nakajima · 2 Answers · 3 years ago
Hi, My family is planning to go to USJ this coming christmas vacation. And I'd love to hear some suggestion of the cheapest way of transportation either plane or shinkansen. Any sug [...]

Asked by Victoria Vlisides · 1 Answer · 3 years ago

Besides a train or car, what is your preferred mode of transportation in Japan? I would love to hear some creative ones people have experienced... Thanks!