Asked by Shiroi Tenshi · 1 Answer · 9 months ago

Is it possible to buy JR Pass in Haneda Airport International Terminal on the arrival instead of ordering a voucher in advance? Thanks for replies.

Asked by Shiroi Tenshi · 1 Answer · 1 year ago

I can't find the number of bus from Iwakuni St. to Kikko Park and from Shin-Iwakuni St. to Kikko Park. Please, can somebody help?

Asked by michel dematteis · 1 Answer · 1 year ago
Hello! I am visiting family in Fukuoka for two weeks and planning to travel on my own in the beginning of March for 4 or 5 days around the Seto Inland Sea, wanting to travel by sea as much as possible [...]

Asked by Pat Kirkham · 2 Answers · 1 year ago
We have a day in Shinjuku from a cruise ship and would like to visit the Shinjuku Park.  Can anyone give us details of what public transport options there are.  We are in port from 8am and h [...]

Asked by Edmund Zuber · 2 Answers · 1 year ago
We will be in a round the world trip in spring 2020 and carry quite some luggage.our transportation system from Kyoto to Tokyo will be the Shinkansen. How do I transport two suitcases and two bac [...]

Asked by Anthony Masahiko Kumon · 2 Answers · 1 year ago

I am a Japanese Citizen and would be traveling in the United States, but I would like to depart in a Philippine airport, is it okay?

Asked by pajeemas kittipanya-ngam · 1 Answer · 1 year ago
I and my husband plan to travel on sado island for 3 days 2 nights. We will not drive. Is there a schedule tour bus to attractive place on sado island? We found some said that there is but it was the [...]

Asked by Jan Q · 2 Answers · 1 year ago
First trip to Japan in October. I have read that the Narita Express is covered by JR pass holders. If my 7-day pass expires before my return to NRT, then I’m assuming I will have to pu [...]

Asked by Mir Sev · 1 Answer · 1 year ago
Hello All,  I am planning a trip to Japan in November, 2-3 weeks. But I am having difficulties with the logistics of the trip. Can someone help me with what would be the best itinerary rout [...]