Asked by Jessica A Paje · 8 Answers · 6 years ago

In the United States, we only have milk chocolate and maybe matcha green tea if there's a local Japanese supermarket. I want to try flavors only found in Japan!

Asked by Jessica A Paje · 2 Answers · 6 years ago

Preferably a public location (not having to book the experience through a hotel with private onsen).

Asked by Jessica A Paje · 7 Answers · 6 years ago

For English speakers, short-term visitors. 

Asked by Jessica A Paje · 6 Answers · 6 years ago

Would like to reserve a nice spot for viewing (best time to arrive?), do a little sightseeing, take some photos, and see one-of-a-kind fireworks!

Asked by Jessica A Paje · 5 Answers · 6 years ago

There are several buildings that surround the crosswalk. Is there one or a few that can provide an unobstructed view for photo taking?