Asked by Justin Velgus · 3 Answers · 7 years ago
I am considering escaping to cooler Hokkaido during the hot Japanese summer. I went to Sapporo once a few years ago but only to see the snow festival. I heard Hakodate has some interesting history, wh [...]

Asked by Justin Velgus · 9 Answers · 7 years ago
So I have hitchhiked once when lost on a mountain road two hours in the wrong direction when I was with a friend. But besides that, I don't have much experience. Is it safe? Is it legal? What&# [...]

Asked by Justin Velgus · 5 Answers · 7 years ago
During holidays or festivals, hotels seem to be full. While I have stayed in a capsule hotel before, I have never slept at an internet cafe or stayed at one for longer than 3 hours. Any advice on what [...]

Asked by Justin Velgus · 4 Answers · 7 years ago
Sado Island is off the coast of Niigata and I heard it has some interesting history and a few attractions. Is is worth visiting? Is there enough things to do to justify the cost?How much money is lodg [...]

Asked by Justin Velgus · 1 Answer · 7 years ago
I am interested in underground tours: tunnels, caves, sewers, WWII bunkers?, inside large dams, building basements? I don't even if these opportunities exist. But the key word is a I want a "guided" t [...]

Asked by Justin Velgus · 1 Answer · 6 years ago
Who doesn't love soaking in a nice hot spring? I sure do. But I am curious, does anyone know of a more unique onsen experience? I am not talking about enjoying natural scenery from a rotenburo, or [...]

Asked by Justin Velgus · 2 Answers · 6 years ago
I am an American in my late 20s interested in exploring some of the Japan club scene. I did not really get into clubbing in the States, so basically have no means of comparison. Are clubs in Japa [...]

Asked by Justin Velgus · 2 Answers · 6 years ago
For reference, these are the "3 most Scenic Views in Japan" Matsushima in Miyagi Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima http: [...]

Asked by Justin Velgus · 3 Answers · 6 years ago
I am interested in zoos that are worthwhile in Japan. Ones that feel fun, are a decent size, and the animals have enough room and stimulation to look happy. UENO is famous and I went there, [...]