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Tonbotama Exhibition 2020

Tonbotama Exhibition 2020

Mid Oct - Early Jan

The Tonbotama Exhibition 2020 is a special event taking place at the Kobe Lampwork Glass Museum until January 5, 2021. The exhibition..

Hyogo 2 ¥400
Japanese Glass Exhibition

Japanese Glass Exhibition

Oct 3rd - Nov 23rd 2020

The Kobe City Museum is hosting a special exhibition dedicated to Japanese glass from October 3rd until November 23rd 2020. The..

Hyogo 4 ¥1,000
Meriken Park in Hyogo 6

Meriken Park in Hyogo

Lily Taki

Meriken Park, a waterfront park created from reclaimed land in Kobe City in 1987, was refurbished in 2017. It features the BE KOBE..

Hyogo 4
Vegan Cafe Thallo

Vegan Cafe Thallo


Vegan Cafe Thallo in Kobe is run by a passionate animal welfare advocate, and the menu has a range of vegan friendly foods to choose..

Hyogo 5
Reiwa Danjiri Parade in Kobe

Reiwa Danjiri Parade in Kobe

May 1st 2019

Welcome the Reiwa Era and the reign of Emperor Naruhito with Reiwa Danjiri on 1 May 2019, a parade featuring racing wooden carts..

Hyogo 1 Free
Kobe Central Church

Kobe Central Church

Bonson Lam

The untold story of post war Kobe, where people of faith have connected and transformed lives from around the world. There are Japanese..

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