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Arima Hot Spring 7

Arima Hot Spring

Lily Taki

Arima hot spring in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, is one of the top three oldest hot springs in Japan. Its relatively small size, back..

Hyogo 3
Meriken Park in Hyogo 6

Meriken Park in Hyogo

Lily Taki

Meriken Park, a waterfront park created from reclaimed land in Kobe City in 1987, was refurbished in 2017. It features the BE KOBE..

Hyogo 4
Vegan Cafe Thallo

Vegan Cafe Thallo

Kim B

Vegan Cafe Thallo in Kobe is run by a passionate animal welfare advocate, and the menu has a range of vegan friendly foods to choose..

Hyogo 5
Suma Aqualife Park

Suma Aqualife Park

Makito Kamimaru

Suma Aqualife Park is Kobe's most famous aquarium. It began in 1957 and features many themed areas and attractions. The aquarium..

Hyogo 1
Reiwa Danjiri Parade in Kobe

Reiwa Danjiri Parade in Kobe

May 1st 2019

Welcome the Reiwa Era and the reign of Emperor Naruhito with Reiwa Danjiri on 1 May 2019, a parade featuring racing wooden carts..

Hyogo, Okamoto district 1 Free
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