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Kobe Airport

Kobe Airport

Peter Sidell

Less than twenty minutes from central Kobe in Japan's Hyogo prefecture, and close to Osaka and Kyoto, Kobe airport is the Kansai hub for Japan'

Hyogo 1
Kobe Ohashi 7

Kobe Ohashi

Manish Prabhune

Kobe Ohashi (o-hashi means bridge in Japanese) connects the mainland to Port Island, a reclaimed land structure which finally connects to Kobe Airport.

Mint Kobe 7

Mint Kobe

Erika Clark

Mint Kobe is a trendy building located in Sannomiya, Kobe. The building offers great dining, fashion, and a movie theatre on the top floor.

Kobe Station

Kobe Station

Karin Wu

JR Kobe Station not only looks pleasing to the eye but has lots of options to offer commuters.


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