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Getting Around Shonan

Getting Around Shonan

Peter Sidell

On the coast about an hour south of Tokyo, Kamakura and Enoshima are popular with visitors to Japan. There are a number of ways..

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Hongaku-ji Temple 7

Hongaku-ji Temple

Lily Taki

“Hongaku-ji Temple” in Kamakura is very famous for Kamakura seven deities of good luck. Originally, “Ebisu do” was established..

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Kamakurabori Assembly Hall

Kamakurabori Assembly Hall


The Kamakurabori Assembly Hall gives visitors a chance to carve a plate in the style of kamakurabori, a traditional art in the Kamakura..

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Kamakura Walks 21

Kamakura Walks

Elena Lisina

While visiting Kamakura, one may enjoy many things besides main places of interest and have a good time off.

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