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Hongaku-ji Temple 7

Hongaku-ji Temple

Lily Taki

“Hongaku-ji Temple” in Kamakura is very famous for Kamakura seven deities of good luck. Originally, “Ebisu do” was established..

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Yakumo Shrine 8

Yakumo Shrine

Lily Taki

Yakumo Shrine in Kamakura was established during the Heian Period in 1083. It is believed to be the oldest talismanic shrine in..

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Amanawa Shinmeigu Shrine 9

Amanawa Shinmeigu Shrine

Lily Taki

Amanawa Shinmeigu Shrine was established by Gyoki in 710 and it is known as the oldest shrine in Kamakura. The shrine for a time..

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