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Namerikawa's Firefly Squid

Hotaruika are squid with a natural fluorescence that causes them to glow in the dark. Namerikawa City runs boat tours where visitors can see the squid up-close.

Firefly Viewing in Uji

From late May to mid-June, Uji City Botanical Park near Kyoto plays host to fireflies, delighting young and old alike. A short bus ride (or a fair uphill walk) from the city centre brings you here where its entrancing firefly population show off their luminescent talents for just a few weeks a year.

Firefly Festival in Saidaiji

The Saidaiji Ichinomiya Firefly Festival celebrates the fireflies of southeastern Okayama. Held annually, people pack into a picturesque park.

Firefly Festival in Tokyo

The Firefly Festival is one of the less known festivals in Tokyo. It takes place in Boroichi-dori, Setagaya-ku. It is a small local event where Japanese celebrate the summer season.

The Magic of Fireflies

Older generations of Japanese would likely have fond memories of watching fireflies, called hotaru, in the early summer. Nowadays, with massive urban development, fireflies are disappearing. Only in pristine environments, like Kinchakuda, can you still find these magical lights.

Yahiko Park

This beautiful park is between 3 - 4 hours train journey from Tokyo on the Joetsu Shinkansen Line. April is definitely the best time to visit here for the cherry blossoms, while there is a firefly festival in June.


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