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Donguri Park & Shrine 9

Donguri Park & Shrine

Chris Barnes

Donguri Park & Shrine is located in the heart of Kutchan and serves as a children's park and relaxation space complete with..

Hokkaido 2
Mt. Yotei 10

Mt. Yotei

Chris Barnes

Mt Yotei dominates the Niseko skyline and is more often than not covered in cloud. Here is a glimps of the beautiful mountain during..

Hokkaido 9
Oyunuma 10


Chris Barnes

Oyunuma is a thermal lake located in Rankoshi town in the greater Niseko region.

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Homac Kutchan 12

Homac Kutchan

Chris Barnes

Homac is a one-stop shop that becomes very useful during any extended stay in the Niseko region.

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