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Sakuda Gold & Silver Leaf Company

After first opening in 1919, Sakuda flourished at the time when golden Buddhist statues and figurines for putting up on altars picked up in demand. Its business has developed from the sole production of gold-leaf production to selling its own gold-leaf accessories.

Tatsumiya Bento Boxes

Enjoy the professional works of the Ishikawa craftsmen while eating lunch! The kokeshi style lunch box would be a perfect souvenir for your friends, families and even for yourself.

Making Japanese Sweets in Kanazawa

A lesson in making Japanese sweets at the Ishikawa Prefecure Tourist Museum. We made a total of 3 different kinds of vibrantly colored Japanese sweets. Some of the key points of these lessons is the wide availability of time slots and the reasonable price. The teacher is very professional as he demonstrates how to make the sweets step-by-step. After you finish, you can enjoy the sweets that you made with matcha green tea (separate fee). Instead of the usual coffee break, relax with a tea break!