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Morioka's Fesan Department Store

If you have some time to spare before catching your next train at Morioka Station, have a peek around Fesan Department Store. But, be warned! You may catch your curious self, wanting to browse through every shop or grabbing a nibble from every vendor.

Iwate's Small Town Ohasama in Fall

Ohasama and surroundings: My favorite way to get there is by bicycle, from Hanamaki is is about 35 kilometers. While riding on the country roads in fall the sights and smells are absolutely incredible.

Nambu Dye Shop

Traditional dye shop dating from the early Edo period (1605-1868). The shop houses a varied array of products from traditional kimonos to bags, cloths and other useful everyday items. A museum showcasing unique exhibits is found on the 2nd floor. Private tours of the dye factory are also possible through advance booking.