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A perfect place to enjoy Americana themed shopping and restaurants in Chatan, Okinawa.
Sports Depo: Japan's Big Box Store for Sporting Goods and Apparel
Yomitan Pottery Village houses over 45 artisans dedicated to preserving Okinawa's famous unglazed pottery style.
Stretching for a good 1.5 km Kokusai Dori is the famous shopping street in downtown Naha
Japanese "dollar" stores pack an unbelievable wide variety of interesing items with quality that defies the asking price
Make Man for Home, Sports and Autos: Home Improvement offerings far more than just hardware
Outlet mall Ashibina has a selection of well-known, luxury brand shops along with its famous illumination site.
What used to be a housing area for US military members has been given a new lease of life.