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Mini Recycle Shop

Mini Recycle Shop

Sherilyn Siy

Named after the icon of 1960s British popular culture, the Mini Recycle Shop sells preloved clothes, books, electronics and mo..

Saitama 6
Condomania Harajuku

Condomania Harajuku

Hannah Warren

For most people, condoms stopped being amusing around their early teens, when they learnt that they could be used for more than..

Tokyo 1
Tokyo Skytree Solamachi Mall 6

Tokyo Skytree Solamachi Mall


The new Tokyo Skytree Solamachi mall breathes new life into the historical old downtown Shitamachi district of Tokyo. Dubbed t..

Shibuya Scramble Square

Shibuya Scramble Square

Serena Ogawa

Opening in November 2019, this new shopping haven is sure to excite everyone with its stores, restaurants, and observatory deck!

Tokyo 9