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    Bullet train 50th anniversary    

50 years ago, Japan proved to the world that when it comes to transport, it is number one. Creating a way of traveling that nobody believed possible, the Tōkaidō Shinkansen launched on October 1st 1964, just before the Tokyo Olympics, becoming the first bullet train in the world. Happy 50th anniversary!

Hayabusa Tohoku Shinkasen is the fastest train in Japanm running at 320km/hour and it serves the major stations of Tokyo, Shin Aomori and Sendai to name a few. More
A romantic yet slightly askew image of the legendary Japanese Bullet Train (The Shinkansen) More
The Super Komachi Shinkansen bullet train entered service in 2013. Sporting a bright red streak down its sleek exterior, you might mistake it for a Ferrari More
The best way to travel around Japan is using the JR rail system, and with the pass you can save a lot of money. More
Meet the father of the shinkansen in the Railway History Park in Saijo, and see the world from the viewpoint of a bullet train driver. More
Take a speedy trip around Japan on a JR Shinkansen. Comfortable and quick, this is a far superior way to travel around the country than by plane (and more fun, at that!) More
The first-class carriage, 'GranClass', on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line has only 15 seats per car, all leather-covered, auto reclining seats, and attendants who provide the best service in the world. Snacks/Food/Drinks are free. The fee is twice as much as a regular seat, but you will feel like a king or queen. At the end of year, wherever you go will be crowded with millions of people. If you travel only once a year, you might as well travel in style, don't you think?! More
Everybody loves a bargain. The Japan Rail Pass is one example. With one week’s unlimited travel around Japan for 28,000 yen, you could save thousands traveling from Sapporo to Fukuoka and return. The reality is, most visitors don’t travel that much, so the possibility of saving money on a one way Tokyo to Kyoto ticket may be a better option. This is the definitive guide with inside tips and tricks on traveling by train. More
JR East Pass allows hassle free travel to places like Aomori, Akita, Niigata, Nagano, Nikko, Narita, Sendai and more, starting from 11000 yen for children and 22000 yen for adults, for 5 flexible days of unlimited travel from time of activation within a 14 day period. More