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Explore Echizen City

Explore Echizen City, in Fukui Prefecture, and discover Echizen's famous temples and shrines, experience Echizen's traditional crafts of knife-making, washi and tansu, and enjoy eating local delicacies such as soba and Echizen crab.

Echizen city in Fukui Prefecture is famous for washi paper, and has flourished and contributed prominently to Japanese culture. More
The knife culture of Echizen city in Fukui Prefecture precedes its reputation. Discover Takefu Knife Village, Shimizu Uchihamono (founded by the knife-making legend Shimizu Masaji) and the world-renowned Takamura knife factory. More
The largest washi paper in the world was made in Echizen city in Fukui Prefecture on Friday, 23rd May 2014, with many local journalists coming down to document the entire process, and interviewing the washi makers and the famous manga artist who will be using the paper for a piece of art. More
Echizen city in Fukui Prefecture is famous for the Big Three: oroshi soba, volga rice and chuka soba. Discover the city's original flavours. More
Echizen Soba Village is located in Echizen city of Fukui Prefecture, where visitors can learn to make soba, view the history of soba, see a soba-producing factory and even buy a range of products at the souvenir shop. More
Echizen city in Fukui Prefecture is well-known in Japan for their tansu, and antique tansu are worth a fortune. More
The Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) facility is in Echizen city where guests can book themselves into a traditional Echizen experience. More
The Ajimano teahouse in Echizen city, Fukui Prefecture, opens its doors free to visitors and conducts a tour of making Ajimano tea, from harvesting the leaves to the brewing process. More

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