Climbing Mount Fuji

July and August are climbing season, so JapanTravel introduces some of our favorite Mount Fuji articles. For those looking to make the climb themselves, why not book a climbing tour?

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and the is 3776 M above sea level. Mt.Fuji is also now known as a world heritage site. More than 200,000 people climb to the top of Mt.Fuji every year, over 30% being foreigners. More
Watching the sunrise from the top of Mount Fuji, Japan's highest mountain, is an unforgettable experience—incomparable to any other sunrise I have ever seen. More
Climbing Mount Fuji is a fantastic experience for the well-prepared traveler, and will provide you to with a great sense of accomplishment. More
Enjoy Mount Fuji from multiple angles on the Fujikyuko Line train More
Climbing Mount Fuji was one of my most inspiring experiences. More
Keen to tackle Mt. Fuji in the safest, most enjoyable way possible? One local man could be your ticket to the top: Freelance hiking guide Noritoshi Ikezawa, aka Nori. More
Climbing Mt Fuji did not always go smoothly. Here are the mistakes I made so that you can learn from them. More