Matsue is a traditional castle town, with one of only twelve original remaining castles nationwide as its foremost symbol. More
Matsue, being a castle town, has an intricate web of waterways running through the town, spreading out from the inner and outer moats enclosing the castle. More
The natural hot springs of Tamatsukuri are known as one of the oldest onsen in Japan.That means that at the very least, this onsen has been visited for over 1,300 years. More
When walking the streets of Matsue, you might notice the image of a Westerner on signs, and some quotes engraved on stone plaques around town. It is Lafcadio Hearn. More
A trip to Matsue wouldn’t be complete without seeing the sunset over Lake Shinji. This view is included in Japan’s list of one hundred best sunsets. More
Walking along Shiomi-nawate street, the traditionally walled houses create and Edo period atmosphere. A finely preserved samurai residence, open to public viewing. More