There are currently 25 Japanese geoparks, and five of these are listed as Global Geoparks. The Oki Islands achieved global geopark status in 2013. More
Travel to the spectacular Oki Islands and experience an array of outdoor activities. The crystal clear blue waters around these islands make for amazing water sports and sightseeing cruises. The mountainous terrain and dramatic rocky coastlines make for the perfect place to hike or stroll through the green farmlands. More
Omori Town is part of the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine World Heritage Site, which is one of Japan’s most important mining areas. More
The stunningly beautiful Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine in Shimane Prefecture is one of the oldest shrine sites in Japan. More
Even if you don’t like eating squid, there are many places where you can go “squid hunting” in Nishinoshima in the Oki Islands off Shimane Prefecture! More
Aquas is a great aquarium- local fish in spectacular tanks, seal and beluga shows and a fun adventure playground next door, white sand Hamada beach across the main road. More
A “must see” in Shimane, go to the Adachi Museum of Art. Set in the countryside of Yasugi, Adachi is tucked away between dramatic ranges in a long, flat valley. More
Historically significant silver mines, a Living Japanese history lesson, and a great way to beat the the summer heat, and a slight old American west feel More
The Oki Islands, a group of four large inhabited islands and 180 smaller uninhabited islands and rocky outcrops, are one of the treasures of the Sea of Japan. More
Lake Naka Umi is a large yet serene lake with a shoreline that runs through Shimane and Tottori. More
Toukami Yamanagisa Park Campsite is in Shimane near the border with Tottori. It is a free camp with a sea view. More
Cafe Rosso – Home of World Renowned Barista, Hiroyuki Kadowaki More
You have to drive over a weirdly tall bridge and wind down this narrow road, straight in front you will see a pristine beach with white sand and crystal clear water. More
Get together with friends and family at this great beach for summer fun along the Shimane coast in Hamada at the Iwami Seaside Resort More
The Hinomisaki Lighthouse in Izumo is one of the more unique spots in all of Shimane. This massive white structure towers in stark contrast over the Northern coastline. More
Matsue’s Vogel Park, aka “Bird Park”. A large expanse of Shimane’s beautiful natural landscape, Vogel Park is situated north of Lake Shinji, West of Matsue City. More