Wanting to explore Chiba’s Bōsō Peninsula by motorcycle, we headed for the Odaiba branch of Rental 819 Kizuki, with their large selection of bikes from 125 to 1800cc. More
Keen to tackle Mt. Fuji in the safest, most enjoyable way possible? One local man could be your ticket to the top: Freelance hiking guide Noritoshi Ikezawa, aka Nori. More
Tenjin Matsuri, which literally means festival of the Gods, is one of the most symbolic water and light festivals in Osaka, held annually on 24-25 July. More
It's all about the bells for the author at the Nebuta Matsuri, held in Aomori the first week of August. It's said that they bring happiness, and who wouldn't want that? More
Yosakoi is a dance festival in Kochi every August. It is a Carnival-like kind of party with a unique Japanese influence only Kochi can offer. More
A mid-summer's night's dream, the floating festival floats of the Tsushima Tenno Matsuri, one of THE top festivals of Japan! More
Every summer, thousands go to Yunohama in Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture to relax on the beach. More
Every summer, Kamakura beach is home to dozens of funky bars and food stands right on the sand, great places for eating, drinking and people-watching. More
Shirahama Beach boasts white sand imported from Australia and a pleasant blue expanse of water perfect for swimming in. More
Imagine picking the best quality pears fresh from the tree and sharing them with family or friends—definitely one of the sweetest moments you can have in your life. More
The Beppu Fireworks Festival is a must-see summer event. It is held annually on either the last weekend of July or first weekend of August. More
The Mori no Kuni Summer Festival combines undemanding country festival entertainments with a truly riveting fireworks display in the idyllic setting of Matsumaru. Enjoy the atmosphere of the riverside stalls, bon odori, and taiko drumming, as anticipation builds for the loud finale. More
From potatoes to tulips, bears to seals, the story of Furano’s pioneers will inspire you with beauty and admiration. More
Kurihama Hana no Kuni is famous for its seasonal blossoms. More