Allpress Espresso: Tokyo Roastery & Cafe

A coffee haven from New Zealand to Tokyo

By Christophe Audisio    - 2 min read

Allpress is a New Zealand-born brand that found its place in Tokyo’s neighborhood of Kiyosumi Shirakawa around 2013, refurbishing an abandoned timber warehouse and transforming it into a simple-yet-stylish roastery.

Just a few minutes walk away from Kiba Park, Allpress Espresso is the perfect spot for people to see firsthand how the beans are roasted and packed, with free access to the machine area. Roasting takes place on weekdays and not only will the coffee be served at the cafe itself, but also sold to other cafes and restaurants. It's a great chance to see piles of packs of coffee ready to be shipped!

Wide space to enjoy your drink right next to the roasting machines
Wide space to enjoy your drink right next to the roasting machines

The friendly staff will gladly take time to show you around and explain the various processes in place, the beans of the season, and even suggest a drink according to your taste. And of course, the coffee tastes as amazing as you might expect from a brand with 30 years of experience behind its belt.

From single origins to blend coffee, each one is prepared with a very specific brewing method to bring out the best out of the bean's characteristics. It all makes for a unique tasting experience.

Seasonal selection of roasted beans
Seasonal selection of roasted beans

The tall ceiling and wide door let natural light come inside the building, creating a fresh atmosphere that people can enjoy with the sound of the coffee machines in the back and the aroma of freshly roasted beans in the air.

And just a 5-minute walk from Allpress, people will also be able to find the completely renewed BlueBottle Coffee, making it worth to visit both at once!

Getting there

Closest station is Kiyosumi Shirakawa, about a 10-minute walk, or the Kiba subway station a bit further, 15 minutes. If leaving from Tokyo Station, then the bus will stop right next to Kiba Park, leaving just a 2 minute walk to reach the roastery.

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Kim B 3 months ago
I really like the design of this place!
Christophe Audisio Author 3 months ago
It's really nice, and it's great to be able and check the machines from up close!