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Club Tourism shows off Japan's best viewing spots

 Featured   Mar 7, 2012

Cherry blossom season is the perfect time for traveling in Japan. The weather is very pleasant (especially compared to the humid summer and cold winter), making it quite comfortable to visit many places of interest, and the whole country feels optimistic and alive. A sakura-viewing excursion can be a highlight of your time in Japan.

Sound appealing? We highly recommend the one-day Mt Fuji Views, Sakura, Peach Blossoms, Strawberry-picking tour, offering some amazing viewing spots. This trip includes opportunities for you to sample local wines and even wasabi at a little specialty shop!

This foray through the foothills of Mt.Fuji is very affordable, with a per-person price of only 7,980 yen including return coach transportation from Tokyo, delicious lunch, and an experienced tour conductor. Just show up at the Shinjuku Station meeting point and Club Tourism will take care of the rest.

If you are lucky enough to be in Sapporo, Hokkaido this spring, Club Tourism has a real bargain with its 5,980-yen Spring Hokkaido 4 Splendid Sakura Viewing Spots trip. The sakura cherry blossoms linger later up north, and you’ll see them from four different types of viewing locations throughout the day. The three meals alone that are included with the tour are worth the price!

Remember that when viewing sakura it is best to check out the blossoms from below rather than the side—this is their best angle due to the way they bloom. Relaxing with refreshments beneath a canopy of sakura is a Zen-like experience.

Club Tourism also offers other good itineraries around the cherry blossom theme:

Enjoy the 2-Day Full Appreciation Hokkaido Splendid Sakura tour, which includes an overnight stay at the Yunokawa Onsen Resort.

See an incredible 250 kinds of sakura trees on the Matsumae Park tour.

For a look at something very unique, try the End-of-Season Strawberry Picking, Mt Fuji, Shiba Sakura Field tour, which covers a type of cherry blossom that is different from the rest.

For more details and reservations on these and other fantastic opportunities, visit the Club Tourism English website, or email

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Victoria Vlisides 2 years ago
Wow! Amazing info. I am really looking forward to several of these tours.
Makoto K 5 years ago
The season is coming! I am looking forward to seeing beautiful cherry blossom. To enjoy more, taking part in a tour sounds good.