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Delicious Udon at Mitamura Shoten

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Mitamura Shoten is an udon bar and also an izakaya in the Mukojima district of Sumida City in Tokyo. It is a 15-minute walk from Tokyo Skytree and a 10-minute walk from exit A3 of Oshiage train station. The Mitamura Shoten was opened in the fall of 2018. As the owner explains, he himself grew up in the neighbourhood in Mukojima and had already made the decision at a young age to open his own restaurant one day in order to offer the people he knows and respects a place for exchange, relaxation, but of course primarily for the enjoyment of food.

The Entrance of the Mitamura Shoten
The Entrance of the Mitamura Shoten

Open at lunchtime as a constantly busy udon bar, the menu consists of various udon sets from which to choose freely. These are the udon variations:

  • Kakeudon (550 Yen)
  • Bukakeudon (650 Yen)
  • Wakame Bukakeudon (650 Yen)
  • Kitsune Bukakeudon (650 Yen)
  • Gyuniku Bukakeudon (750 Yen)
  • Kashiwaten Bukakeudon (750 Yen)

For an extra 100 Yen, you can also get a 1.5 times the size portion. For particularly hungry guests, a 2 times the size portion is also served for only 200 Yen extra. There is also the option to choose extra toppings from a small list. This includes a raw or soft-boiled egg, or umeboshi, in addition to the regular ingredients like extra wakame or beef. Since all dishes have a set price, there is one serving of a side dish, which changes depending on the day of the week:

  • Tuesdays: Takigomi gohan (rice which was cooked together with mushrooms, dashi and vegetables and other ingredients)
  • Thursdays: homemade curry
  • Wednesdays and Fridays: the side dish changes and thus offers a little extra surprise for the guest

According to the owner, Kitsune Bukakeudon is the most popular dish among the guests, so you probably won't have to think twice about what to choose on your first visit.

Since Mitamura Shoten is a popular place for a quick meal, especially around lunchtime, try not to arrive too late, as it's not uncommon for the freshly prepared side dishes to have already run out in the last half hour.

Wakame Udon
Wakame Udon
Gyuniku Udon
Gyuniku Udon

In the evening, Mitamura Shoten transforms from an udon bar into an izakaya specializing in skewered grilled food (kushiyaki), offering guests a place to drink, eat, and socialize with colleagues, friends, and neighbours until late into the night. Alcoholic beverages offered here include nihonshu, shochu and wine.

The aroma of freshly prepared kushiyaki and cheerful voices can be heard as you walk by late at night, making Mitamura Shoten and its customers a permanent part of the neighbourhood scene in Mukojima 3 Chome.

The counter with the owner and his wife preparing the delicious dishes
The counter with the owner and his wife preparing the delicious dishes
The tables are waiting for the customers
The tables are waiting for the customers

In addition, there is also the possibility to order food in advance by phone or directly at the counter to enjoy your lunch or dinner at home, at the Sumida river or in one of the nearby parks. This is especially suitable for getting freshly prepared party snacks for family or friends on special days. The owner is extremely flexible with the time frame of the order, so it is possible to order directly and take the food with you directly, or to order it days in advance for a special day and a fixed time.

I can only recommend to everybody to drop by the Mitamura Shoten udon Bar. Together with his wife, the owner provides a friendly atmosphere where I have enjoyed my lunch countless times. We also ordered the food for our small private Halloween party there and were not disappointed.

Getting there

It is located about a 15-minute walk from Tokyo Skytree and a 10-minute walk from Exit A3 of Oshiage train station.

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Sherilyn Siy 2 weeks ago
Looks so hearty.
Sebastian Schuster Author a week ago
Thank you for your comment :)
Susann Schuster 2 weeks ago
The udon there are the best!
Sebastian Schuster Author 2 weeks ago
They really are :)
Sleiman Azizi 2 weeks ago
Hard to say no to local udon. Love the stuff.
Sebastian Schuster Author 2 weeks ago
You're so right about that :) I love Udon since I visited Japan for the first time. But local made Udon are far the best.
I also did a lot of homemade Udon when i had enough space in Berlin :)
Bonson Lam 2 weeks ago
It is not an easy feat to transform from an udon bar by day to izakaya at night, one that reminds me of Omen in Kyoto, one that is stylish in its own way. I love how you have got to know this place really well as your neighbourhood go to spot.
Sebastian Schuster Author 2 weeks ago
Thank you for the Link, i will check it out now. They do it pretty well here. But i think it's because they are closing around 13:30 and have time to prepare the Izakaya until 17:00.

Kim 2 weeks ago
Looks delicious!
Sebastian Schuster Author 2 weeks ago
That is true, we were talking about the situation too, and how hard it is for him. Also, what he has to do to achieve the Rainbow mark at the door. But those points did not fit into the article that was not planned as COVID-19 related. It's a really nice small shop and i will go there today to eat and show him the uploaded article :)