Tohoku Derby Live Broadcast

Iwate Grulla Morioka vs Fukushima United FC

By Christophe Audisio    - 2 min read
Venue: The Hub 82 Akasaka When: Saturday - Jun 22nd 2019 ,  1:00pm - 6:00pm

Football (or soccer as it is referred to in Japan) has been one of the most popular sports in Japan since the 1930s. Second only to baseball in Japan, football popularity has grown exponentially with multiple World Cup appearances in the last few decades.

Watching the games live is a great opportunity to see Japan's unique sports culture while taking in the local cheers and excitement of the fans.

The Tohoku region of Japan is filled with great rivalries and they look to share the action with fans in Tokyo this June. The J3 League teams Iwate Grulla Morioka and Fukushima United FC are squaring off on Saturday, June 22nd at Iwagin Stadium, but to generate buzz and new fan support for the Tohoku area, the two clubs are holding a live broadcasting event in Tokyo at the HUB in Akasaka.

The teams — both currently holding 3 wins and 3 draws against each other — have several supporters from fan groups within Tokyo that will have the chance to meet and enjoy watching their favorite team play on live television.

This live broadcasting event is a first for the teams and is such an important event for the clubs that the team’s staff and management will be taking part in the event. Join the general managers, staff, and fans in Tokyo at the HUB in Akasaka for the kickoff at 3:00 pm!

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