Japan's Top 100 Castles

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Gathering together the castles that make up this famous list, the Japan's Top 100 Castles, or Hyakumeijo, by the Japanese Castle Foundation.

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World Heritage Nakijin Castle

We still don't know who constructed Nakijin, though the excavations show that it was started in the 13th century. The fact that it took over a hundred years to complete meant that the generation who started it did not see it finished, but it was of such monumental importance that the next generations took over the construction as their life work.

Kanazawa Castle Park

Kanazawa Castle and Castle Gardens are a gem in the city's sights. Although the original buildings may no longer exist, their reproductions are just as impressive.

Iwamura: The Misty Castle Town

Iwamura, the ancient castle town located in the countryside of Ena District, is one of the finest representations of Japan’s extensive and fascinating history.