Free Wi-Fi in Japan


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Collating all the different ways to stay connected to Internet in Japan.

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Stay connected while on the go in western Japan with the Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi service.
Find free free Wi-Fi at various locations throughout Japan.
Lawson revamped their Wi-Fi service back in June 2015 to provide a faster, simpler service to access – great news for foreign tourists.
JR East is offering a free Wi-Fi service at many major train stations across the Tokyo area, including Yokohama and Narita Airport. Log on while you travel around the region.  
International visitors can be granted a two week free Wi-Fi pass through multiple locations in Miyagi. A small but growing number of locations around the capital Sendai also have free access points.
Just like at major Starbucks branches across the world, visiting Starbucks in Japan is a great way to connect to the Internet not to mention take a break from your travels.
Connecting to Wi-Fi isn't a piece of cake. But, follow the instructions with clear photos and you should be fine!
It may seem difficult to get free Wifi in Tokyo, but with this guide, you will be connected