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Ibaraki prefecture is located north-east of Tokyo in the Kanto region. With large rural and agricultural areas, Ibaraki still has a number of famous sites dotted around the prefecture, including a number of beautiful natural environments, including one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, one of the Three Great Waterfalls of Japan and the second largest lake in Japan at Kasumigaura. See our article for more.

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From its legendary beginnings in the mists of time, the legacy of silk-weaving has been passed down from generation to generation in the city of Yuki, Ibaraki.
Each garden has its own different set-up and selection of flora, but behind Kairakuen’s beauty lies a twist: beyond simply pleasing the eye, it was built for battle.
Ibaraki’s famous Fukuroda Falls, one of the 3 most beautiful falls in Japan, is located near the northern city of Daigo, roughly 2 hours’ drive from the capital of Mito.
One of the world's biggest shark collections, daily dolphin shows, and marine fun for all ages on Oarai's beautiful coast.
The hiking trails of Mt. Tsukuba are about 100 km (60 miles) from Tokyo, easily accessible by train or car.
A perfect day outside Tokyo at Hitachi Seaside Park, a seaside park with gardens and an amusement park. It is a great place to see the fall colors.
The Ushiku Daibutsu is one of the tallest statues in Japan that many people have never heard about.
Kiuchi Brewery is a small brewery located in Naka, Ibaraki Prefecture.