Sunrise on the Top of Mount Fuji

An unforgettable experience

By Nicole Bauer   Aug 21, 2012

Watching the sunrise from the top of Mount Fuji, Japan's highest mountain, is an unforgettable experience—incomparable to any other sunrise I have ever seen. The views are magnificent and the light is magic; plus, it's different every time, depending on general weather conditions, especially the clouds. This is the second time I climbed Mount Fuji, and my camera traveled with me this time!

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Preethu 2 years ago
When we reached half the way, it happened. Missed this view from the top of Mt. Fuji. But still amazing!
the sun..the cloud..the picture!! tumb up for nichole :))
Nicole Bauer Photographer 2 years ago
Thank you Febi! :-)
Reyzi Enditya 2 years ago
can we climb mt.fuji in april?
Nicole Bauer Photographer 2 years ago
Dear Reyzi, the mountain trail is only open during July and August, maybe the first weeks in September. For the rest of the year there usually remains a lot of snow on the top and it is not safe to climb. Sorry!
Relinda Puspita 2 years ago
I've been there and know how magnificent it is.
Jasper Wilkins 2 years ago
Wow! sure does look beautiful up there.