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My name is Sasa Jancikic. A 31y Croatian discovering Japan. First conclusion: AMAZING. Currently i live in Izumo, Shimane prefecture. This is my third visit to Japan and a first long stay. I plan to explore Shimane prefecture more than i had chance on my previous visits to Japan. Shimane has a lot to offer and i want to first discover it and then share it with everyone on JapanTourist. Hope this will function well.

Comments by Sasa

On May 14:
Very nice. Want to go there now.
Bizen Osafune Sword Museum
On May 14:
Good to know! I'm flying from Izumo to Haneda in few weeks. I want to check that Edo village...
Tokyo's Haneda Airport
On April 22:
"Unlike store bought soba, handmade soba is fragile and if soaked to long, turns to mush." ...oh i see. And i was unhappy with the restaurant choice when mine turned to mush. Now i know i can peacefully go there again!
On April 20:
Sakura everywhere! You really can not miss it.
Hanami Hotspots on the Keihan Line
On April 20:
Poor victim of the government. It is always and everywhere the same.
Hakone Check Point
On April 20:
Always interesting to read about early Europe-Japan relations.
Walk the Old Hakone Highway
On April 13:
I'm going there this Sunday! Can not wait!
Mt. Daisen Towering Over Yonago
On April 13:
Complete “how to’s” of staying in a ryokan and onsen
Staying at Ryokan Biyu no Yado

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