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Visit the northernmost tip of Honshu

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Yokohama's Nanohana Festival

Yokohama's Nanohana Festival

Mid May

Yokohama's Nanohana Festival. Visit a rural community covered with fields of gorgeous flowers, locally crafted flower made..

Yokohama, Kamikita District,.. 5 ¥100
American Day in Misawa

American Day in Misawa

Late Jun

American Day in Misawa offers a unique experience of how a foreign community chooses to celebrate it's culture out in rura..

Sky Plaza Free

Where to eat in Aomori

Tasting Tsugaru

Tasting Tsugaru


The roads that wind through the lush landscape of the Tsugaru Plain in Aomori Prefecture are lined with rice paddies and orderly..


Places to stay in Aomori

Aoni Onsen

Aoni Onsen

Sandro Bernardinello

A remote ryokan in Aomori prefecture will bring you back into the past. No electricity and no wifi; and only old oil lamps to light..




About Aomori

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Region Tohoku
Island Honshu
Capital Aomori
Population 1,373,339
Area 9,645.40 sq. km

Aomori (青森県, Aomori-ken) is filled with beautiful landscapes - the gorgeous Hakkoda Mountains, the pristine Oirase River and Lake Towada, and the pretty cherry blossoms at Hirosaki Castle in the springtime - and as a result, it is one of the top hiking destinations in Japan during the warmer seasons.

In addition to its scenic views, tourists can travel through time by visiting the Sannai-Maruyama Ruins, an archaeological site containing ruins from the prehistoric Jomon Period (14000 - 300 BC), as well as the aforementioned Hirosaki Castle, while munching on Aomori’s famous apples. Try to visit in early August if you can to witness the spectacular Nebuta Festival!