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Guide to Japan's Love Hotels

Guide to Japan's Love Hotels

JJ Nakao

Learn more about the modern love hotel industry, and a great resource for travellers. Find out why love hotels are a great option..

Hotel and Resorts Minamiboso

Hotel and Resorts Minamiboso

Elizabeth S

Hotel and Resorts Minamiboso, located within Cape Taibusa in Minamiboso City, accommodates single travelers, families with children,..

Chiba 6
Moose Family Camp Resort 11

Moose Family Camp Resort

Lynda Hogan

For a first camping or glamping experience in Japan, Moose Family Camp Resort offers the comfort of full English language support...

Tochigi 5
Forza Hotel, Kanazawa

Forza Hotel, Kanazawa

Peter Sidell

In Kanazawa in Japan's Ishikawa prefecture, Forza Hotel is an elegant, comfortable but reasonably priced hotel, well located..

Ishikawa 5