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Discover dinosaurs and the spirit of Zen

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Miffy 65th Anniversary Exhibition: Fukui

Miffy 65th Anniversary Exhibition: Fukui

Sep 19th - Nov 7th

Miffy, the iconic rabbit character created by Dutch artist Dick Bruna, celebrated its 65th anniversary last year. A special exhibition..


Where to eat in Fukui

The Seafood of Tojinbo 7

The Seafood of Tojinbo

Jerome Lee

The Tojinbo area of Sakai City in Fukui Prefecture boasts of two things: its famous cliffs, and the seafood on sale along its streets...


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APA Hotel Fukui Katamachi

APA Hotel Fukui Katamachi

Peter Sidell

In Fukui in central Japan, APA Hotel Katamachi is business hotel that makes up for its distance from the station by being comfortable..

Fukui Griffis Museum

Fukui Griffis Museum

Peter Sidell

In Fukui in central Japan, the Griffis Museum is a recreation of the house of William Elliot Griffis, an American who lived, taught..

Tomiya Izakaya in Fukui

Tomiya Izakaya in Fukui

Peter Sidell

Close to the main station in Fukui in central Japan, Tomiya is a traditional Japanese izakaya (dining bar), serving up inexpensive..


About Fukui

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Region Chubu
Island Honshu
Capital Fukui
Population 806,314
Area 4,190.43 km²

History buffs will find no better place in Japan to visit than Fukui Prefecture (福井県, Fukui-ken), a prefecture rich with historically and culturally important sites. The Ichijodani Asakura Ruins contain ruins from the Sengoku Period over 500 years ago, while Maruoka Castle is the oldest remaining castle in Japan today.

Furthermore, the Fukui Dinosaur Museum ranks among the most impressive of its kind in the world. But perhaps the most significant Fukui destinations are Eiheiji, one of the two main temples of Zen Buddhism, and the breathtaking Tojinbo cliffs.

Fukui is also known for its good food. Snow crab and mackerel are enjoyed by many in Japan, while the famous Koshi Hikari brand of rice are not only delicious as is, it also means that you can expect some great sake while you’re there.

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