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Magical Sunset at Takasu Beach

Gorgeous aerial view of the setting sun at Fukui Beach

On the way back home from work with my drone, we stumbled upon a gorgeous sunset when we were driving along Takasu Beach to Sanri Beach in Fukui. These two beaches are located between Echizen and Mikuni Beaches. Their emerald green clean water makes them popular spots for surfers and scuba divers. When you go north from here, the dynamic scenery of Tojinbo Cliffs awaits you. If you go south, you can enjoy tourist spots such as Kocho Gate and Echizen Cape. However, as you can see, just driving along the coastline gives you a magical time, let alone flying over it!


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Anonymous 8 years ago
Beautiful sunset, a fusion of magical colours! Great video, but what do you mean with your drone?
Hiroshi Ohnuki Videographer 8 years ago
Thanks for the comments guys! and thank you Lester for answering Daniel's question!