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Historic city with surrounding natural sights

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Iris Festival at Daian-zenji Temple

Iris Festival at Daian-zenji Temple

Early - Late Jun

At Daian-zenji Temple, beautiful irises in full bloom welcomed me. There was soothing music in the air, coming from a Chinese ..

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Illaura Rossiter

Located along the banks of the Kuzuryu River in the Funahashi area of Fukui City is a Japanese bar with an Edo Style Sushi menu...


About Fukui City

Fukui City is the capital of Fukui prefecture, which is located along the coast of the Sea of Japan. While most attractions lie just outside of the city center, there are a number of places that make Fukui city worth visiting.

The Ichijōdani Asakura Family Historic Ruins are historic ruins from a castle town formerly run by the Asakura Clan until they were defeated by Oda Nobunaga. There, temples, samurai residences, and and gardens - some designated by Japan as Special Places of Scenic Beauty - have all been excavated. Ichijodani Castle's remains lie on top of a hill, where visitors can check out a scenic view of Fukui. At the Ichijodani Asakura Family Site Museum, visitors may study artifacts and documents on display to learn more about the ruins' history.

Two castles are present in Fukui City: Fukui Castle and Kitanosho Castle. The Fukui Castle's palace was reconstructed in 1993 after it was destroyed in WWII by the United States but its grounds are now where the prefectural office stands. Kitanosho Castle was a 16th century castle that was destroyed in a fire but its ruins are open to the public today.

The Asuwa River, which runs through the city, offers stunning views of cherry blossoms in bloom on its banks, with some 600 trees present.

Echizen crabs are Fukui city's signature cuisine and seafood lovers will relish the juicy crab meat cooked in different styles.

Fukui City is served by JR trains and several other local lines, while the Hokuriku Shinkansen will have a station in the city by 2022.