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Cultural discoveries from Hiraizumi to Morioka

About Iwate
Photo: 中尊寺金色堂 – Rie Ono / CC BY-NC 2.0

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Miyako Pacific Cod Festival

Miyako Pacific Cod Festival

Sunday - Jan 23rd

The Miyako Pacific Cod Festival presents an opportunity to try this fish served in various ways, including as fish and chips and..

Kokusekiji Sominsai in Oshuu

Kokusekiji Sominsai in Oshuu

Tuesday - Feb 8th

A winter water purification ceremony, participants strip down to only a loin cloth. Next they face several challenges to show bravery..

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Iwate Snow Festival

Iwate Snow Festival

Early - Mid Feb

The Iwate Snow Festival is held at the Makiba area in Koiwai Farm every February, and known as one of Tohoku's 5 Great Snow..

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Where to eat in Iwate

Hot Jaja, Morioka

Hot Jaja, Morioka

Justin Velgus

Hot Jaja is a restaurant specializing in Jajamen noodles. Located right in front of JR Morioka Station, it's the perfect p..


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Mt. Eboshi in Fall

Mt. Eboshi in Fall

Malcome Larcens

Tohoku is full of great mountains to explore. There is something new to see at every season but fall is particularly beautiful...


About Iwate

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Region Tohoku
Island Honshu
Capital Morioka
Population 1,330,147
Area 15,275.01 km²

Iwate Prefecture (岩手県, Iwate-ken) is perhaps most famous for Chuson-ji and Motsu-ji, which are two of the five sites that make up the World Heritage Site “Historic Monuments and Sites of Hiraizumi.”

Iwate is enjoyable any time of the year - ski at Appi Ski Resort in the winter, marvel at Tenshochi’s cherry blossoms in the spring, swim in the pristine waters of Jodogahama Beach and cool down in Ryusendo Limestone Cave in the summer, and hike at Mount Iwate while being surrounded by fall foliage in autumn.