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Leading ski getaway famous for rice and sake

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Koide International Snowball Fight

Koide International Snowball Fight

Sunday - Feb 9th

The Koide International Snowball Fight is one of Japan's most unique festivals. Teams battle it out in groups of five to be..

Hibikinomori Park 2 Free
Tokamachi Snow Festival

Tokamachi Snow Festival

Feb 14th - Feb 16th

The Tokamachi Snow Festival has been held annually since 1950, and provides a fun way to enjoy the snow that this region of Japan..

Tokamachi 5 Free
Ojiya Hot Air Balloon Festival

Ojiya Hot Air Balloon Festival

Feb 22nd - Feb 23rd

Ojiya, in Niigata's snow country, has an annual hot air balloon festival. There's both a hot air balloon competition, as..


Where to eat in Niigata

Ikinari-ya, Niigata

Ikinari-ya, Niigata

Tomoko Kamishima

Ikinari-ya is a 300 year old Japanese high-class, traditional restaurant. The restaurant opened in the mid-Edo era, when stylish..


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Niitsu Railway Museum

Niitsu Railway Museum

Kim B

The Niitsu Railway Museum highlights the importance that rail transportation has had on this Niigata town. There are various exhibits..


About Niigata

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Region Chubu
Island Honshu
Capital Niigata
Population 2,374,450
Area 12,584.10 sq. km

What’s the most important food in the everyday diets of Japanese people? The answer is rice, and no prefecture does it better than Niigata Prefecture (新潟県, Niigata-ken) and their Koshi Hikari brand when it comes to rice. And that also means you can find some of Japan’s top sake there too.

Niigata is also one of the top hot springs and winter sports destinations as well; the popular Naeba Ski Resort doubles as the host of the Fuji Rock Festival (Japan’s largest outdoor music event) in late July. The Nagaoka Festival almost immediately after it is one of the three biggest fireworks displays in Japan.

Niigata’s beaches are wildly underrated, often overlooked at the expense of those on the Pacific coast. The idyllic island of Sado is famous for being the breeding spot of the rare Japanese crested ibis and for its gold mine.