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On Kishu Lacquerware a year ago
In Wajima, Noto Peninsula, I even saw a toilet cover coated in lacquerware!
On Kumano Kodo-The “Way of St. James” of Japan a year ago
Totally agree! Soaking in a hot spring pool after a long hike is great. Kumano has many onsen for visitors to enjoy!
On Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trails a year ago
Thank you Justin. I live right next to the Kumano Kodo trail! Actually Kumano is the reason why I moved out of Tokyo in 2011!
On Tanabe a year ago
Hi Jay, thank you for your message. The Kumano Kodo Nakahechi Route is good to walk in all seasons. Both April and May are good. If I had to...
On The Travels of Isabella Bird: I 4 years ago
Brave woman and intersting observations! I would love to meet Isabella on the trail...but will just read up about her in the meantime.