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Tropical paradise and a unique culture

About Okinawa
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Ishigaki Island Pottery Festival

Ishigaki Island Pottery Festival

Dec 9th - Dec 10th

Ishigaki Island boasts a pottery culture as beautiful as its natural surroundings, and the Ishigaki Island Pottery Festival is an..

Free Entry
Okinawa Zoo & Museum Christmas Fantasy

Okinawa Zoo & Museum Christmas Fantasy

Dec 16th - Jan 8th

The Okinawa Zoo & Museum Christmas Fantasy event has been running for over 25 years now, and is one of the largest illumination..

2 ¥2,200
Ishigaki Island Marathon

Ishigaki Island Marathon

Sunday - Jan 21st

Held in January each year, the Ishigaki Island Marathon serves several purposes. Naturally, there's the component that challenges..

Where to eat in Okinawa

Hotto Motto 8

Hotto Motto

Michael Flemming

Hotto Motto is the largest take out only restaurant chain in Japan offering inexpensive freshly prepared meal sets just minutes..

Okinawa Tea Tasting

Okinawa Tea Tasting

Bonson Lam

Go back in time, somewhere in Asia, with a bukubuku tea-making class and tasting experience. After that, browse the handmade pottery..


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About Okinawa

Okinawa Nagasaki Fukuoka Saga Kumamoto Kagoshima Miyazaki Oita Ehime Kochi Tokushima Kagawa Yamaguchi Hiroshima Okayama Tottori Shimane Hyogo Kyoto Osaka Wakayama Nara Shiga Mie Fukui Ishikawa Toyama Gifu Aichi Nagano Shizuoka Niigata Yamanashi Kanagawa Tokyo Saitama Gunma Tochigi Chiba Ibaraki Fukushima Miyagi Yamagata Iwate Akita Aomori Hokkaido
Region Kyushu
Capital Naha
Population 1,392,818
Area 2281.00 km²

Although each Japanese prefecture is unique in its own way, tropical Okinawa Prefecture (沖縄県, Okinawa-ken) is by far the most distinct, almost like a different country. And that assessment is true to a certain extent; Okinawa, known then as the Ryukyu Kingdom, was independent from Japan until 1879, and was part of US territory from 1945 to 1972. As a result, the culture, food, and even the language (although many do speak standard Japanese) differ vastly from those of any other region.

On Okinawa Island, places of note are the Chura-umi Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the world and home to the whale shark, as well as ancient Ryukyu castle ruins, most notably Shuri-jo. Buy your souvenirs at Kokusai-dori, Okinawa’s main street.

Off the main island, the Yaeyama and Miyako Islands have Japan’s most pristine beaches, while retaining traditional Okinawan culture. 

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