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Jimmy's Bakery 8

Jimmy's Bakery

Michael Flemming

Jimmy's Bakery Company is an Okinawan company with roots established in 1956 when the founder invested his experience and observations..

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Hotto Motto 8

Hotto Motto

Michael Flemming

Hotto Motto is the largest take out only restaurant chain in Japan offering inexpensive freshly prepared meal sets just minutes..

Taste of Okinawa

Taste of Okinawa

Bonson Lam

If you can only eat once a year, what would you eat? Obon is the homecoming Okinawans give to their ancestors, a meal that bridges..

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Chili's too 9

Chili's too

Michael Flemming

Introduced to international audiences in the Fat Bastard "Get in my belly" scene of the 1999 Austin Powers movie, and to Americans..

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