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Dontsuki Izakaya

My obsession with the perfect panko crumbed oyster and pork cutlet, crisp on the outside, tender on the inside, has found its destination in this hole in wall bar in Teramachi.

Kuimonoya Izakaya

Kuimonoya is a small but intimate izakaya restaurant a short walk from Yamato-Saidaji station, and it serves a wide variety of Japanese style food.

Wakana Izakaya

A lively izakaya with good Japanese cuisine- featuring fish and seafood dishes. Sake and Shochu are highlights. No English menu or speakers, but friendly & welcoming.

Ninja Izakaya

Ninja Izakaya in Tokyo’s bustling business centre of Akasaka (be careful not to confuse it with the similar Asakusa) draws you in to its pleasantly unfamiliar world.

Minshuto Izakaya

Minshuto is an izakaya-style restaurant located conveniently close to Matsuyama City Station. It has a Showa era theme.