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On Mitaki Temple 4 years ago
Michelle- I agree Mitaki is definitely a magical place worth a visit for any traveler to Hiroshima city. It takes a little time to get there...
On Ume no Hana 4 years ago
thanks for your replies, hope you can get there and enjoy it yourself someday too!
On Iwamura, Miyajima 4 years ago
the conger eel is particularly famous here- definitely worth a try especially in summer when it is said to help your body keep up stamina in...
On Miyajima Kayaking with Paddle Park 4 years ago
thanks bonson- hope you have a chance to try it out someday!
On Sakura Beauty in Hiroshima 4 years ago
thank you for your comments- Sakura blossoms are still in bloom around the Hiroshima area, but with today's rain and yesterday's strong winds...