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One Day in Tokyo
Visiting the big city for the first time
A walk around Tokyo, visiting the National Art Center Tokyo, Asakusa and Akihabara.
Koto Performance
An encounter with a Japanese traditional instrument
This is a six-minute film of a koto performance by Fusako Watanabe.
Tokyo Train Tunes Episode 4 – Ueno
Yamanote Line circular loop in sound
The Ueno Station neighborhood offers some of the best visuals in the entire Yamanote set thus far.
Summer Road Trip in Gunma
Hotsprings, shrines, lakes, forests and waterfalls
A Taste of Iwate
Discover the incredible beauty and people of Iwate
A little sample of some of the great things to do in Iwate.
Tokyo Train Tunes Episode 1 – Ikebukuro
Yamanote Line explorations in sound
Some believe the Ikebukuro Station neighborhood is transforming into the northside Shibuya, some believe it’s hopelessly out of fashion.
Fukushima Waraji Festival
Fukushima's summer festival opens with vibrant parade
Named after the traditional 'waraij' straw sandals, Fukushima's annual festival to mark the summer kicks off in early August.
Kansai Helicopter Tours
Views of rural Nara and with the Sasayuri-ann aerial tour
Daidogei World Cup
A huge fun festival of street performance in Shizuoka
Held every year in Shizuoka in central Japan, the Daidogei World Cup is a fun, energetic festival of street performance.
Special Veggie Soba
The thirty-fifth video from Tokyo Extra: Tokyo Ramen
Found: 463 results