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Fukuoka Asian Market Festa 2023

Nakasu Festival

As I walked towards this event, the smell of the food and the sound of the music was enough to inform me that this was the place to be. There were so many booths from local businesses serving the city of Fukuoka. Not only was there food and music but there were live performances that included some of the best dance moves in the city. Each booth was like traveling to a different country, within a matter of seconds. Just to see so many ethnicities present and exchanging culture in Japan was very inspiring. Fukuoka is a city that welcomes the diversity of the world and the Asian Market Festa was proof of the cities progressive stance. The event lasted 5 days but I wish wouldn't end at all. The atmosphere was calming and the people were there to greet each other with smiles. Overall this was an exciting event and I can't wait for next year! Thank you to all who participated in Fukuoka Asian Market Festa 2023 and the entire city of Fukuoka.

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