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Home of Izumo-Taisha, Matsue Castle and the Oki Islands

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Yabusame Horse Archery Tsuwano

Yabusame Horse Archery Tsuwano

Sunday - Apr 12th

Yabusame is a horse archery festival in Tsuwano, held on the second Sunday of April every year. The horse archery ground in Tsuwano..

Washibara Free

Where to eat in Shimane

Okigyu 8


Sherilyn Siy

Beautifully marbled beef richer than its commercial counterparts in monosaturated fats, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids and lower..


Places to stay in Shimane



Lester Goh

Located in the Mihonoseki Harbour on the Northern tip of Shimane Peninsula, Fukuma-kan is a ryokan offering magnificent views of..

Reso Oki Rosage 8

Reso Oki Rosage

Rory Jackson

Reso Oki Rosage is a large oceanside resort with comfortable rooms, a karaoke room, and a great view you can't escape.



Conseil Lunch & Bar 6

Conseil Lunch & Bar

Sherilyn Siy

Conseil's specialty is sazai-don (turban shells over rice) but if you're not a fan of sazai, there are plenty of other things..

Streets of Matsue 10

Streets of Matsue

Kim B

Matsue, the capital of Shimane Prefecture, is worth a wander! The streets of the city offer everything from castle and lake views..


About Shimane

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Region Chugoku
Island Honshu
Capital Matsue
Population 717,397
Area 6708.23 sq. km

Located in western Honshu, Shimane Prefecture (島根県, Shimane-ken) is an unfairly underrated tourist destination; there’s more to see and do here than what some people might tell you. 

Shimane is most noted for the Izumo-Taisha, which is one of Japan’s can’t-miss sites and is a surprisingly popular date spot; it houses the Shinto deity of marriage, attracting couples from all over the country. Matsue Castle and Kamosu Jinja are two of Matsue City’s most prominent features, along with its many hot springs.

The Oki Islands have some of Japan’s most pristine coasts, while the Adachi Museum of Art is renowned for its breathtaking Japanese garden. The Iwami Ginzan, the largest silver mine in Japanese history, is a World Heritage Site.  

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