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Tradition meets modern in Japan's capital

About Tokyo
Photo: Kakidai / CC BY-SA 3.0

Top Attractions in Tokyo

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Upcoming Tokyo Events

Sanja Matsuri

Sanja Matsuri

May 15th - May 16th

Sanja Matsuri is one of Tokyo's biggest festivals and features over 100 mikoshi floats paraded through the grounds of Senso-ji..

8 Free
Irises: The Allure of Color

Irises: The Allure of Color

Apr 17th - May 16th

A special event taking place at Tokyo's Nezu Museum looks at Korin Ogata (1657-1716)'s "Irises", along with a variety of..

Losers in Ukiyo-e

Losers in Ukiyo-e

Apr 15th - May 16th

In any battle or challenge, winners and losers are born. Even though winners may walk away with the glory, our hearts often side..

3 ¥800

Where to eat in Tokyo

Shinjuku's Memory Lane

Shinjuku's Memory Lane

Andrew Ng

Previously known as Piss Alley, over 60 bars and restaurants are crammed along the side of Shinjuku JR station on the grounds used..


Places to stay in Tokyo

Sawanoya Ryokan

Sawanoya Ryokan

Serena Ogawa

With a wooden exterior that would not be remiss in an old Japanese film, the interior of Sawanoya is just as comforting. Visitors..

Terror at Toshimaen

Terror at Toshimaen

Yannick Vairon

Toshimaen Amusement Park is home to a dreadful place where ghosts and demons wander with the only purpose of scaring naive visitors...


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Verde Regalo

Verde Regalo

Sherilyn Siy

Verde Regalo specializes in artisanal breads and homemade bacon. A visit will correct your notion that nothing delicious could possibly..


About Tokyo

Okinawa Nagasaki Fukuoka Saga Kumamoto Kagoshima Miyazaki Oita Ehime Kochi Tokushima Kagawa Yamaguchi Hiroshima Okayama Tottori Shimane Hyogo Kyoto Osaka Wakayama Nara Shiga Mie Fukui Ishikawa Toyama Gifu Aichi Nagano Shizuoka Niigata Yamanashi Kanagawa Tokyo Saitama Gunma Tochigi Chiba Ibaraki Fukushima Miyagi Yamagata Iwate Akita Aomori Hokkaido
Region Kanto
Island Honshu
Capital Tokyo (Shinjuku)
Population 13,839,910
Area 2190.90 sq. km

Tokyo (東京, Tōkyō) is the nation’s capital, the site of the 2020 Summer Olympics and the most populous city in the world – there’s no shortage of places to see and things to do in Tokyo. While that means you’ll inevitably have to leave some things off your itinerary, it also means that there’s something for everyone.

Tokyo’s center, the 23 wards, combine some of the world’s busiest areas with remnants of old Japan; not far from Shibuya is the holy Meiji Jingu, while the 634-meter tall Tokyo Skytree and the iconic Senso-ji in Asakusa are within walking distance of each other. Shinjuku and Roppongi are two vibrant nightlife spots, yet they’re a short train ride away from Ueno Zoo and the Tsukiji Fish Market.

Right in the middle of it all is the Imperial Palace, a popular jogging route. Beautiful nature in the Okutama area and the Izu and Ogasawara Islands will make you forget that you’re still in Tokyo.

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